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Nice Review is New London's major newspaper.  Thanks, Rick!

Great new review of Playin' History from Mick Burgess in the UK.  Check it out!

Founding Blue Oyster Cult member Joe Bouchard has a brand new solo album out.  Playin Time is Joe’s fifth album, and his best since his debut in 2009. Check out the album, and order it at his website >




Here's a rough translation of the original German review:

Bassist Joe Bouchard made a name for himself with his former band Blue Öyster Cult.  His departure was a long time ago, and in the meantime he has started various other things, including five solo records.  The current album is called “Playin 'History " and it shows Joe Bouchard as a jack-of-all-trades, who wrote the album almost single-handedly, recorded, arranged, produced, etc.   Although the cover artwork may be simple, the longplayer in the digipack is by no means. 

Ten titles on Playin 'History are extremely diverse, and the album begins with the rousing midtempo opener “Renaissance Man" followed by the powerful “Now What Is This?" Other compelling numbers are “Bad Decisions", "Night 0wl Nocturne” and “52 Agents of Fortune" where we remember Blue Oyster Cult’s album Agents of Fortune" from 1976. Other good songs are  “lnsane" or "The Mountain House." Obviously, Blue Oyster Cult shines through and through, as does Alice Cooper, if not rocking as much as the old master, but added are a few singer songwriter parts all this will make a CD that truly deserves the name "Playin 'History." If you order the disc on Joe's homepage, you will get it on request even signed (with dedication), whereby the price with shipping and packaging is genuinely a bargain. 


Honored as a Choice 5 for November 2017 by Ric Albano!


Man, so cool... just got the new Joe Bouchard solo album, and signed to me from Joe! It's been the regular play in the car, kicking off with a tribute Sandy called "Renaissance Man."

It just makes me frustrated because of BOC's reticence to put out a new album, I suspect partially because they find the whole job difficult. Well, at this age it's time to do the reunion because Joe is writing super-cool BOC grade songs (he's playing everything on it as well).

I know this is too much to ask, but... four? Could we push it to four Joe songs on a BOC album? He's got no problem being smart and prolific. As this excellent album demonstrates, he'd be more the uptempo dark ballad with a full band and sophisticated chord change guy. leave it to Buck and Eric to write four or five metal tunes and we're almost there.

Get this record.



"....In addition to the splendid title track (which sounds as if it could have been written by B.O.C. sometime in the seventies!) and the aforementioned "Walk With The Devil" (I love this great rock track!!) you've got the wild and fun ride that is "Is He The Wolfman". This first-rate song is old-time rock and roll number with a nice and spooky horror/Sci Fi vibe and it shows just how talented and creative this multi-instrumentalist is!...."       FOR MORE CLICK HERE.

Martin is the author of Blue Öyster Cult: Secrets Revealed, the to-date definitive story of the BOC.

"Huge thumbs up here. Not for ever-damn-body in the whole world of course. But if you think Agents of Fortune or Spectres are the cat's meow, I have no problem saying you will love this. Plus it's 3D and comes with 3D glasses.

Joe Bouchard – The Power of Music
Ex-Blue Oyster Cult writer, vocalist and bassist Joe Bouchard has been inspiringly prolific in recent years, crafting albums full of smart originals both as a solo artist and with his brother Albert and Denis Dunaway in Blue Coupe. But I don’t know what it is, all that further music education every year for the guy or what, but The Power of Music is probably the coolest and most cohesive of the lot, Joe singing strong, and writing in a tight range evoking the rich alloys of BOC at their prime, namely acoustics layered with electrics as applied to dark hard-ish pop. Seriously, man, I listen to this and it’s nothing less than a calling card to Eric and Buck, with Joe waving his arms saying, look, you guys are not interested in writing, I got a whole ‘nother Agents of Fortune or Spectres right here. I mean, “Walk with the Devil?” “Is He the Wolfman?” “36 Strings” as a gauzy Lower East Side/Allen Lanier ballad? This is off the hook great material, right in that Doors-y BOC pocket of BOC’s sort of lighter arrangements of heavy-written songs, again, Agents to Spectres. Even “Photographic Evidence,” by buddy and collaborator John Elwood Cook is like the new “Death Valley Nights.” By putting this after six originals, and then following with a keyboard instrumental and then a cover of his brother’s and Patti Smith’s “Career of Evil,” the album is a bit like a long EP of killer classics, all strong, plus bonus tracks, but hell, even “Career of Evil,” with this ambient, garage rock arrangement... again, there’s a purpose and a coherence and a unified style with this record that wasn’t there (nor intended) on some of the last half dozed Joe projects. But now that that thought is lodged in my head... this should be the next BOC record. It’s such a shame: he is so them."



"As a member of BOC, Bouchard`s talents were somewhat hidden behind that big thumping bass but free from the shackles of a band set up Bouchard has proven himself to be a hugely talented multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter in his own right...CLICK HERE FOR MORE..."

READ MARTIN'S SYNOPSIS OF BLUE OYSTER CULT: SECRETS REVEALED  "A canon of work . . . one of the finest in rock"

FROM THE BLUE COUPE SHOW AT DIVAN DU MONDE, PARIS FRANCE  OCT 12, 2014    "Listening to the absolutes classics that are “I’m Eighteen” and “Cities On Flames With Rock And Roll” is still a joy, but it’s made even better here by the fact that they not only play the song, but make it feel like on of their own, with a more modern sound and the fact that they are only three on stage. And it shows what an amazing guitarist Joe Bouchard is, as he plays lead and rhythm guitar while singing without a single mistake in the whole show. And listening to him on the great single “Hallows Grave” (originally sung by Alice Cooper), is quite surprising at first, seeing how the two have different voices, but Joe Bouchard has such a wide range that he’s able to render a whole new version of the song." 


Jeb: Obviously back when you were in Blue Oyster Cult you would get a huge response.  Now you have work hard to get people to hear your music.  Joe: You have to be a self-promoter and you have to be the businessman.  You have to make sure the mastering is done right and you have to make sure you go to the mailbox every day to send out Eps.  It’s great and I really like it.   I was a little nervous about it at first, but it’s really not so bad.  You count your views to see how many people are checking you out.  I check out my analytics and you can see who is listening to you in Russia.  We never had anything like that back in the day.  We never knew what people were doing until we went to a show and there would be twenty thousand people there.  We must have been doing something right!  That was like fantasy land.  Who knew what that was all about? 

Jeb: Some of your peers do not want to make new music because not as many people hear it.  You’re still an artist.  You’re going to create.  Joe: I am extremely grateful that the fans are still as rabid as they were.  They are connected on the Internet and that is a big incentive.  You can watch and see how it goes and you can see the comments.  Once in a while I get a comment from somebody that is not favorable and that is fine as it is their opinion.  I will tell you that ninety eight percent of them are positive.  I get to still get out and play and do shows with Blue Coupe and once in a while we will get a live on-the-air interview with a radio station.  I still love it all. 


Blue Oyster Cult original bassist Joe Bouchard may not be in that band anymore, but his career is still in full swing.  His latest solo effort is titled New Solid Black. Bouchard delivers big with an album of music that evokes many emotions with it's honest simplicity.  Read more here.

 CRR Review - Joe Bouchard - New Solid Black (Bonus Edition)

Joe Bouchard - New Solid Black [EP] 
A 6 song release from Joe Bouchard [ex of Blue Oyster Cult]. Half of these tracks are penned by life-long friend John Elwood Cook, who Joe has covered a number of times in recent years - both on his previous solo albums and the albums with Blue Coupe. Cook has a knack for storytelling and visuals in his songs, and they seem to fit Bouchard's Americana old school rock approach in recent years. Gone are the 'metal' influences of his BOC days, but definitely just as melodic and wider appealing. Faves include - Drive Me Crazy, Loves Takes Heart, and guitar instrumental Roller Girls. Anyone who's got Joe's previous albums will easily like this.

From the new solo album by Joe Bouchard, a founder of Blue Oyster Cult. This is a new song written by...



 This site is mainly focused on electric bass as well as bass players, and Joe Bouchard has been and he still is an epoch making bassist, he played with the greatest (and loved by me) Blue Öyster Cult just in their most important period, the most expressive one which started from the first seminal album dated 1972 and then culminated in Club Ninja of 1986. The Blue Öyster Cult proved to be one of the most original group on the rock scene among the all-time greats; a rock'n'roll band, surely, but very sophisticated, too. They got an upscale sound which was performed honestly, structurally and authentically. Maybe they were too varied for the hard rockers and too rock for snobs. And their way to be so uncatchable make sense of the strenghtness showed by this musical institution.

 Joe Bouchard has been the unfailing motor of this legend. But... But Joe Bouchard isn't only a bassist. He is a complete musician, an excellent guitarist as well as a multi-instrumentalist.



A packed house at the Bull Run on Route 2A in Shirley, Massachusetts witnessed a tremendous show from Dennis Dunaway, original Alice Cooper Group bassist, and guitarist Joe Bouchard - bassist with Blue Oyster Cult - and his brother, original Blue Oyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard.    
It was an enormous vibrations that cascaded from the stage, and a power trio that sounded more like a full five piece, the three of ten musicians (if you count all the members of the original Couper and B.O.C. bands) rocking out and, most key, having fun with all their hits.
They asked the audience if they wanted the long ending to "I'm 18" or the edited 45 RPM version and those in attendance demanded the long, drawn out cataclysm that some might remember from the debut of the old IN CONCERT TV series where the Alice Cooper Group did the original “I’m 18” with its eerie keyboard intro.  Dunaway told us of the song's evolution backstage in an interview for Visual Radio. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bassist told this writer that the original "I'm 18" was a bluesy song – much longer -  that producer Bob Ezrin heard and truncated, turning it into the Top 40 Classic that it is 
The three encores included "Don't Fear the Reaper,"  “Angel’s Well” from the CD Tornado on the Tracks, with exquisite guitar playing by Bouchard (in his interview he mentioned that it is Robbie Krieger of the Doors on the Blue Coupe release) and a great “Kick out the Jams” MC5 cover to conclude the show.
*(215 Great Rd, Shirley, MA 01464 (978) 425-4311)

"  'Million Miles More' is their second full length album and is a step forward in every way. Produced by Jack Douglas and Warren Huart the album is diverse while retaining a unified band sound which falls close to the BOC sound but with touches of Cooper mixed in. "

"Without a doubt, this is the best rock record released this year!  Rating: 5 out of 5"

"Bouchard was always much more than just the bass player in Blue Oyster Cult . . . a truly solo, solo album. "

"For me the absolute standout is “Katrina (Jesus the Fixer of Broken Hearts)”. Sad but majestic, Joe knocks this one out of the park."